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Lorilei, Pawcific Crush Flyball Team ~ San Diego, CA
"My border collie Sadie is horribly afraid of thunder storms and fireworks, where she shakes and tries to hide under things she can't even fit under! It really breaks my heart to see the anxiety she experiences. I tried Happy Dog Medicinals about a year ago and after getting my dosing and timing correct, my Sadie weathers the storms like a champ and lets me play with her in my house during holidays with fireworks outside. Thank you for giving me a Happy Dog!"

Elizabeth ~ Fulshear TX

"My corgi George continues to do very well with his Happy Dog Medicinals dosage.  His organ functions are stable and his appetite is good. His rigidity is the same but glad it’s not worse. He continues with Happy Dog .25 in the morning and Fire Kitty .50 at night. Thank you so much for being there with your products and support to help keep him comfy during his hard times. I am forever grateful and spread the word to others to help you continue to touch others."

Renee Kouder ~ San Diego, CA

"Happy Dog Medicinals works so well on my old boy when his hips are hurting. He's 11 and I'm grateful to be able to alleviate some of his pain as he ages. "

Shanti Helms ~ Lakeside, CA

"Happy Dog Medicinals saved my big dog Kimbo's life. He was having a really severe reaction to all the meds given to him after 2 rattle snake bites in 1 week. After the first bite he almost died and 5 days later he was still in bad shape, so I gave him some Happy Dog Medicinals CBD drops and the next morning he was 50% better. Finally the swelling was going down and he wasn't wining and less blood in the urine. Two days after starting CBD he was almost back to normal but the snake came back to our front door this time. And he got it and killed it but in the process got bit 2 more times. I took him in for antivenom and brought him home that night and gave home CBD. This time he looked way bad. But within 3 days he was almost better. No complications because he didn't have any meds. Vet said the anti inflammatory agent in the CBD thankfully worked so good that he only has some damage to his eyes from swelling. And no wining or aggression. Or peeing blood. Thank you for saving my big boy."

Tank (pictured below) is Happy Dog Medicinals longest client. He was told he was a few months to live.

That was five years ago.

To many more years of thriving with Tank!

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